Etosha National Park


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Etosha National Park is Namibia`s number one tourist destination, covers an area of 22 270 km² and is focused around the Etosha Pan – a salt pan which covers an area of about 4700 km ² of the park.

Etosha means place of dry water.

The pan only holds water after very good summer rains but even if there is only water for a few days it lures a number of water birds including flamingos.

Rainy season is from November through March which is known as the low season and prices accommodation prices are lower but this in no way is a bad time to visit the park. The dramatic skies and green vegetation make it a excellent time for photography.

Dry season from June through October is high season and a very busy time in the park. It is the best time of the year for game viewing as all animals need to visit permanent sources of water.

The park is also one of the oldest in Africa first being proclaimed in 1907. The park is home to 114 large and small mammals as well as more than 400 bird species already recorded here.

There are 5 rest camps in the park offering both camping as well as chalet and luxury accommodation. A unique feature of these rest camps are the floodlit watering holes where guests can go to at night (as well as during the day) to view the animals.

Game viewing is excellent in Etosha with elephant, lion and black and white rhinos frequently seen by visitors.

Etosha has a diverse vegetation from salt pans, savannah, grasslands and woodlands.

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